How Sophos helps you meet the data protection challenge

Creating a data protection strategy can be a daunting process, especially if it hasn’t
previously been a focus area for your organization. So where should you start? A solid data
protection strategy isn’t built in a day. But consider that 57% of data breaches are due to
hackers or malware and 23% of data breaches are caused by unintended disclosure (human
error). 4 Securing against these threats is a great place to begin and Sophos recommends
three steps to achieve it.

Stop the top causes of data loss

Malicious attacks and accidental loss or theft are two major causes of data breaches.
Sophos Central Device Encryption is the easiest way to manage full disk encryption for
all your PCs and Mac computers centrally. Full disk encryption is the most basic form of
encryption and it’s widely recommended that all computers use it to protect data at rest. It
will keep your data secure in the event that a device is lost or stolen.

Sophos Mobile extends similar protection to data on your mobile devices, and in addition
remotely locate, wipe, or lock misplaced devices. You can manage and secure your mobile
devices with a minimum of time and effort.

Sophos Intercept X works alongside your existing antivirus protection to provide advanced
anti-malware, anti-exploit and anti-ransomware protection – keeping you safe from the
latest data-stealing attacks.

All of these solutions are part of Sophos Central, so you have a single, easy-to-use
management console with everything you need in one place.

Stop threats at the door

With todays’ increasingly sophisticated and aggressive malware attacks, having a multi-
layered security setup that can stop attacks at every level of your network is essential. XG
Firewall protects your network devices by stopping these attacks at the perimeter, before
they get to your devices.

Sophos Email Appliance automatically blocks or encrypts sensitive emails and attachments
(e.g. PDFs) ensuring your data is always protected, and suspect emails are stopped before
they reach your users’ inboxes.

Stop human error

Most of us have sent an email to the wrong person at some point. But when sensitive data is
involved that innocent mistake can become a costly fine. The file-level encryption delivered
by Sophos SafeGuard means that even when data leaves your devices or network (e.g.
email attachment, cloud storage) it stays protected - so even if you suffer a data breach the
chance of a fine is greatly reduced.